Music Guidelines

All contestants should bring their music on CDR in a standard CD audio format. No MP3, AAC, WMV files, other file formats. Commercial music CDs must be clearly labelled with a permanant (or not easily removeable) label with the same information requested for a a CDR. Contestants must have separate CDs for the semi-finals and finals of each division they compete in. CDs must be clearly labeled in permanent marker (neat handwriting, please) with the following information:


  1. The players name
  2. The division of play (1A, 2A, 3A, 4A or 5A)
  3. Prelim or Final round
  4. Track # (preferably track 1, and even better if there is only 1 track)
  5. For example, if John Smith is registered to compete in 1A and 3A, he will need to submit 4 separate CDs. His CDs should be labeled as follows (like the example to the right):
    • John Smith, 1A Semi, Track 1
    • John Smith, 1A Final, Track 1
    • John Smith, 3A Semi, Track 1
    • John Smith, 3A Final, Track 1

Even if you are not sure if you will be competing in the finals, please have a CD prepared for it.

CDs submitted will remain in the possession of the sound manager until the conclusion of the Contest.

Music shall start from the beginning of the track and shall be played for 2-minutes (1-minute for prelims) where it shall be cut off. Contestants can feel free to edit the music so that it fades out or ends at the appropriate time.

Functionality of the CD-R and musical content and duration is the responsibility of the contestant.

All music must be considered G-rated (appropriate for all audiences) and shall not contain offensive lyrics including but not limited to: obscenities, racial, ethnic or sexual slurs, violence advocacy, etc. If you are unsure about your music, a judge will be available to listen to your music and make sure it is appropriate. Music used in many video games, television segments, and other media does not necessarily meet this standard. With the concurrence of the Contest Director and the Head Judge, use of inappropriate music by a contestant shall result in their disqualification.